Vintage Car Racing - Historic Motor Sports Association

I have a deep love and appreciation for vintage automobiles. It started with my love for cars when I was 13 being taken to street races with my sister and her boyfriend at the time. They were into racing Japanese imports.  When I got my drivers license, I started to build cars. My first car I built was a 1994 civic, then I graduated and had a really nice Integra. Over the years I grew out of the import scene and thought it was kinda lame with massive body kits and the whole fast in the furious stuff. One day I saw vintage skyline and my obsession with cars was reborn. After I graduated from college I started to build a Datusn 260z. It was awesome got it for cheap and it was on its way to be something I really wanted, until one day parked outside a suburban smashed into it totaling my car.  It was a sad day for me. 

Through out the years I learned that people raced these vintage cars and I realized there is some amazing things happening. People were racing vintage BMWs. Alfa Romeos, Datusn, Mini coopers and Volkswagens all over the world. Here are some photographs I took at vintage race a few years ago. All shot on my Yashica 124g. I felt that these vintage cars needed to be shot by a vintage camera.