Pentax 6x7 Test Rolls

Recently I purchased a vintage Pentax 6X7 camera. Its a tank, its heavy, its a slower process but produces beautiful negatives. Many famous photographers use this camera to create art work like Arno Raphael Minkkinen, Nick Brandt, Peter Lindbergh, and Todd Hido to name a few. 

The shallow depth of field, also known as bokeh, renders beautifully. With out going in to too much technical jargon, the size of the film is multiple times larger than what more 35mm digital full frame cameras are. This results in high detail and resolution. To make a long story short, when used correctly, the images are stunning. 

Here are a few shots from 2 rolls of film, Fujifilm 400Pro, and Ilford HP5 400 pushed to 1600. 

I will be working on project this week and will shoot a couple of rolls with the P67. Stay tuned.