The Science of the WCMT Smoked Grey Shorts Campaign

Creative Direction/ Photography: I created a campaign for West Coast Muay Thai's (WCMT) Smoked Grey Short Release. I compiled a group of some of the up and coming Muay Thai athletes such as Eddie Abasolo, Jackie Buntan, David Huerta, Selina Flores, Jewels Perez and Sovankessa Som. I wanted to showcase the fighters to make them larger than life.  I requested photography support from KX Fotografia and Ahren Nunag to complete the look book.

Color Palette: I utilized the color palette from WCMT with a predominant grey and white theme. I asked the female fighters to wear white athletic bras to keep the color palette constant. In Fight Style produced bag gloves with the grey and white color palette to reinforce the WCMT brand.

Ads for Social Media and Preparation for the Release: We teased the shorts a month before release to develop a want for the product. Having fighters wear the gear brought eyes to the release. Once the date was selected and the shipment of product arrived from Thailand we released the below ads before the release date: 

Look Book Execution:  To create the lifestyle, I paired studio photography with location workout shots to help bring the look together. Shot on location in various california cities: Dublin, San Diego, Torrance, and Los Angeles. 


Equipment: This was shot on a Sony A7 with a 50 1.4 and 85mm G- Master Lens. I had a 4 light step up with a beauty dish, strip lights and a hair light.  All done on a white seamless you can check it out in the image below.

The Outcome: The campaign was successful. The shorts went on sale at 7am PST and sold out with in a few hours. These limited edition Smoked Grey Shorts were really popular and have been highly coveted throughout the community. 

The fighters received a lot of great attention, boosted their social media presence, and it showed love to fighters that deserved it. The branding in this campaign was strong, strategic and successful.  This did not happen overnight. It started with the Idea of creating the shorts, then having them produced and quality checked, creating the idea and executing the art work. It takes an entire team to create something solid. 


Jeff Dojillo