Debra Friedman

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Toronto, Canada

I found Debra's work through Daylight. Her documentation of young people struck me. In the days of over produced, highly glamorized photography, Debra's work was refreshing to see. The individuals she photographs has an Avedonesque quality to them. As people may know, I been strongly influenced by Avedon and his portraiture work and I feel there is a slight resemblance to some of Debra's photos. 
In her photographs, these subjects are refrained from retouching, exposing what some people would call imperfections such as facial blemishes, and scars on knees. These imperfections are a reminder that these subjects are human, and relate to all the imperfections that we as viewer have not matter how hard we try to disguise them.  

There is an honesty about her work that is valuable. 

Please check out more of her work here. 

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