Janet Todd X Jeff Dojillo: Training for ONE FC Tokyo


Janet Todd’s first appearance at ONE Championships was against superstar Stamp Fairtex. Janet stepped on to the world stage as the main event and performed for largest crowd she has ever seen. She stepped into the ring with her hair braided, her name on her shorts, and MMA Gloves which is foreign to this well decorated Muay Thai Fighter. Janet ended up losing the fight but gaining the respect of Stamp Fairtex, ONE FC and the world.


Since her loss to Stamp Fairtex, ONE FC has invited her back twice for two kickboxing matches where she won by TKO and the other by majority decision. The massive crowd, the music, media coverage, and huge spotlight are no longer an issue.


I normally visit Janet two weeks before her match up. I normally do this with fighters I like to support. An athlete usually has their last week of hard pad work, strength and conditioning, and sparring. The two weeks after is dedicated to cutting weight and travel. I have learned this documenting fighters over the past 7 years.


I noticed Janet’s head movement, footwork and accuracy has improved since the last time I visited. At the age of 33 where some fighters reach their prime, Janet is continuing to grow as an athlete. She has added new tools to her arsenal thanks to the guidance of Bryan Popejoy and her world class training partners.


What people don’t understand about Janet Todd is that her life is very complex. She fights at the highest level for the best promotion in the world. Janet works in the aerospace industry where she is not allowed to speak about the grueling projects she has to manage along with a team of engineers. She makes time for strength and conditioning at Game Ready as well as puts in the hard sparring and training at Boxing Works. She makes no excuse but when we talk with each other, I understand her stress level. The way she thinks about fighting is the same way I think about creating. There is just so much to do and we have not done enough.


On October 13th, Janet Todd will be entering the ONE FC stage for its 100th show in Tokyo, Japan. She will be able to fight for friends and family that rarely see her. She will be facing EKATERINA VANDARYEVA from the Ukraine under Muay Thai rules. I am excited for Janet’s match up. She will be facing some one taller with a lot of experience. Janet Todd wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s here to fight, not only to win, but to become the best athlete she can be. In order to be the best, she needs to fight the best.

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- High Speed Sync
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