Asa Ten-Pow X Jeff Dojillo - Pentax 6X7

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Asa Ten-Pow

Shot on Pentax 6X7 & FujiFilm

Asa Ten Pow is a part of the new generation of Muay Thai/Kickboxing athletes that have been pushing United States Muay Thai forward. Asa, a long side stand out athletes such as Troy Jones Jr. Janet Todd, Bekah Irwin, continue to fight the best that they can. Asa had his start with San Shou in Florida in the 90s. At age 13 Asa knew he wanted to be a champion.

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At around 18 years old, Asa started to compete in International Kickboxing Rules. It was at that time he found Muay Thai inside of a Karate school. It was at that moment he found his first Muay Thai coach which was originally from Bangkok’s Rompo Gym. In the East Coast, full rules Muay Thai was not available and It took Asa a little bit longer to grasp what Muay Thai really was. The inability to practice clinching and elbows in fights slowed down his apprehension of the sport. It wasn’t until his first trip to Thailand that he fully understood how the sport was done.

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I fought a kid from Kazakhstan with 200 fights and 67KG

In 2015 Asa was asked to join the United States MuayThai Federation World Championship team. With the dream to one day compete in the Olympics, Asa jumped at the chance and entered the Royal World cup in the Men’s 67KG A Class. At the tournament Asa lost to an athlete from Kazhakstan with 200 fights. Although Asa lost that match it showed him that he could compete at the elite level. Returning back to the states, Asa decided to turn pro. Asa began competing for Lion Fight Promotions and Muay Thai Grand Prix in the UK.

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In 2017 Asa represented the United States at the IFMA World Championships in Belarus but got stopped with an elbow that he could not recover from. Even though Asa lost in the first round he wanted another chance to compete the following year. He understood competing at this level would improve him as a fighter, but earning a medal would reach his goals as a combat sports athlete. In 2018 Asa competed for the USMF in Cancun for the IFMA World Championships. Going in to the tournament Asa wanted to pull Thailand in the draw to show that American Muay Thai can compete at the elite level. During the draw, Asa received what he asked for. During Asa’s match with Thailand, he out classed his opponent with style and grace. Asa’s fight made news around the Muay Thai world. It was the first time an American beat Thailand in the A-Class. Asa would face Turkey in the second round and lose to a cut. Even though Asa went home empty handed, he earned himself experience that would open up more opportunities for him.


Since the last IFMA World Championships, Asa signed a contract with the prestigious Glory Kickboxing World Series. He has a massed a 5-0-0 record with 1 knockout. In 2018 Asa earned Glory Kickboxing Newcomer of the Year award and has been building his reputation as an elite fighter. On September 28 Asa will go to battle against Bailey Sugden in Miami.

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Check out this short video my team and I created while filming a documentary in Thailand.

Camera: Pentax 6X7
Lens: 105mm2.4
Film: FujiFilm Pro 400H @ box speed
Location: Konghsitha Gym